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How would you rate the Kardashians Jenner’s make up 1-100% 1 being the lowest and 100 the best?


Kim - 75%  

It’s pretty much the same all the time - FULLY beat. Which makes it great for some settings/occasions, and totally inappropriate for others.


Khloe - 60% 

She has her glam squad use a lot of YT/IG makeup trends - which can make her look a little “draggy” at times.


Kourtney - 95%
Kourt keeps it the most refined out of the three Kardashian sisters and wears the appropriate amount of makeup for where she is and what she’s doing.

Kendall Jenner - 95%

She looks like a (gorgeous) teenager and i love that she does her own makeup most of the time. Even when she’d fully glammed, she looks age appropriate.


Kylie Jenner - 35%
NO teenager should wear the amount of makeup this young adult wears. It makes her look 10 years older.


Kris Jenner - 65%
Her eye makeup and lip choices are usually on point, but at her age (60), she needs to cut back on the demi-matte full coverage foundation. It’s time to switch to a dewier formula.


Caitlyn Jenner - ??? Seriously? 

How can I rate Cait, transitioning at 65 yrs old, against this bunch? I guess if I had to, I’d say 100%, because she strives for “pretty” - not theatrical (like some other members of her family).

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