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Can you give us your 3 beauty tips for a perfect all-day make up?

  1. Using correct skincare. And when I say “correct”, I mean correctly suited to YOUR skin’s needs - not because some celebrity or social media influencer uses it.

  2. Complexion refinement with a foundation that has been MATCHED to your skin’s depth and undertone, and used only where needed - not troweled or spackled all over the face.

  3. Adjust your makeup application to reflect what you’re doing (casual, business, after-five, special event) and the lighting it will be viewed in.


What's the one beauty trend you would like to get rid of today?

YouTube and Instagram Beauty “Influencers” introducing “new” makeup techniques that are nothing more than twisted up standard makeup techniques we’ve been doing for decades - oh, and giving them absurd new names…”Sand-Bagging” your concealer? “Draping” your blush? Seriously, please stop.


In your opinion whats lacking within the beauty industry?

Imitation has replaced innovation. We’ve become an industry of copycat cosmetics, created on spreadsheets and from algorithms, not creativity. It’s become a game of numbers. Cosmetics marketers look at what products their competition are successful with, duplicate them with minor adaptions, and throw them on the shelf for sale.

What can we expect from your Makeup Education Events? Where and when is your next one?

My makeup education has been and will remain “core” focused. I teach what you NEED to know to succeed, and It’s not always what you want to hear. I strive to create professionals, who are equipped to build a career/business - not simply do makeup well.
I’m wrapping up 2016 with a North American Bridal Beauty Tour. Single day, intensive seminar style training. 4 hours of bridal business training (with Megan Garmers) and then 4 hours of bridal beauty with me.
I’ll continue traveling globally, appearing at trade shows and facilitating makeup education wherever it is requested.


What are your views on the violence agains the LGBT community that it’s happening at the moment?
I grew up gay, in Brooklyn New York, in the 1970’s. I don’t remember not being faced with the specter of violence, at any time - simply because of who I choose to love. I believe it appears more intense now because the internet and social media has put a magnifying lens on the problems and made them far more visible.

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