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What has been the most challenging obstacle in your career and how did you overcome it?

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been up and down the ladder of success. Every time I fall (or get pushed) off the ladder, I get up, brush myself off, bandage my bruised ego, reach for the first rung and start climbing the ladder again. I love what I do, and I’m not afraid to fail because I understand that true success is born out of failure. Success is also an evolution, so If something isn’t working, I note what didn’t work and try a new way. I’ve also come to understand that most of the dishonesty and negativity I’ve encountered stems from people who don’t know how to create their own success, so they want yours. The shortsighted don’t realize that dragging others down to build themselves up never ends well.
I have a very strong respect for karma. I’ve done reckless things that have derailed my career and karma kicked my ass so I would take notice and clean my act up. It also made me realize the laws of attraction are real, so we receive what we put out into the universe. I’ve become very aware of the energy I create and what it will attract.


What excited you the most about runway show’s?
Runways shows are like extreme sports. Backstage is controlled bedlam, no matter how well organized the show is. I LOVE the adrenaline rush…the air crackles with energy and the constant tension is like a utopia for Type A personalities like me. 


How do you think Social networking (specifically YouTube and Instagram) changed the way people view make up and make up artists?

In any profession, you work your way up through the ranks to build and sustain a career, primarily for financial stability and not recognition. No one walks out of college and instantly becomes a CEO. The profession of makeup artistry isn’t any different.
The unsettling “Insta-Artist” phenomenon has only one goal: achieving immediate gratification from instant fame. It offers no sound foundation to build a professional career. The fact that I’ve received some recognition for my accomplishments is gratifying, and I feel extremely blessed and thankful. But seeking “fame” has never been a key motivator. Fame is a lovely reward, but it’s not a realistic goal in the architecture of building a long-lasting career.

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