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Tell us a bit about you and the work you do?

These days, I identify as an artist, educator, business/product developer, marketer and journalist. I began in retail, as a freelance makeup artist and worked corporately for a short time. I attended as many seminars and workshops as I could afford, practicing as much as possible and assisting artists I respected and wanted to emulate. I eventually began booking my own fashion photo and runway work, but I still wanted more. I set my sights on TV (video) and film work, so I could accumulate qualifying days to test for entrance into the union. I’m proud to say, I’ve been a Journeyman in the Hair & Makeup Union (IATSE Local 798) for over 20 years. My Type A personality and need to be an overachiever has motivated me to spend the past 30+ years educating myself and gaining experience in EVERY area of the cosmetic industry.


Describe the feeling when you won your Emmy Awards?

I know it sounds weird, but finding out about my first Emmy nomination was more memorable and significant than winning. It was the live announcement of the Emmy Nominations at The Rainbow Room in NYC. I was heading the makeup department on the soap opera “Another World”, and a few of the actors from the show were presenters, so I was asked to be on location to do their makeup. The major nominations were announced and the show wrapped. I was packing up my kit when our Televest PR person headed towards me with a packet of nomination booklets to bring back to the studio. These booklets listed everything that wasn’t announced live, like the craft nominations. As she got closer, she shouted “congratulations” over the crowd. I said thanks, and told her how excited I was about the nomination "Another World" received for “Best Show.” She agreed and then said, “yes, isn’t it great, but aren’t you excited about YOUR nomination (Makeup For A Drama Series)?” I looked at her, blankly - then it hit me and I went sort of numb (I guessed my eyes bugged out a little). Was she messing with me? No, she assured me she would never joke like that, and showed me my nomination in the booklet. I didn’t win that year, but have been nominated 4 additional times and have won twice. I guess winning an Emmy should be my highlight, but finding out about my first nomination, will always be my favorite moment.

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