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Tell us about who is Scott Cullens?

I like to think of myself as a Renaissance Man, a person that is willing to risk everything to reach higher goals.  I like to manifest most of the things I think about.  Therefore, my most challenging goal is to choose my thoughts carefully.  Most people think that their thoughts are uncontrollable and that is so very untrue. Remember, thoughts become things.


What best describes you? Fitness model, contractor, actor?

I am first and foremost an artist.  I like to create through building and design.  I took a character strengths test and one of my highest ranking strengths was that I appreciate and see beauty in everything.  That is probably why I have succeeded with Palm Pacific Construction because I love what I do everyday.  The acting, modeling, barber shops, LÜB . . . are all just more avenues to be creative, be entrepreneurial and enjoy life

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is simple, fresh, elegance colliding with a touch of douchey glam.  I like very simple design elements against a 24K gold Bisazza tile or a simple white urinal with a black Murano crystal chandelier above it.


MR JOEL had the pleasure to meet the talented Scott Cullens, and got to know some of his secrets, passions and deepest thoughts.

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