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What was the best and worst parts of being on the first season of Finding Prince Charming? If you could change anything that happened on the show what would it be?

I would have loved to be able to show the viewers more of my playful, funny, goofy side. I'm really a funny guy, I laugh a lot, most of the time at myself… I play jokes on my friends, I'm very easy going and pretty much go with the flow. People saw a more pensive, somewhat ridged side of me, but it was because there was a lot of weight on my shoulders. I needed to be present and conscious of the guys feelings, I wanted them to know I was being thoughtful and explaining to them why I thought we weren't a good match. I think all of us have been in a place where we didn't understand WHY it wasn't a match or why the other person let us go without an explanation and that's something I didn't want to leave them with. It was my duty to cohesively and intelligently explain my feelings to them. I also understood that this show was way bigger than me, the guys, the network, bigger than all of us. We made history - the first ever all-gay dating show. That's profound. I knew people all over the world, in places were being gay is punishable by death would be watching, that's a weight I carried through every interview on the show and my interactions with the guys. It didn't matter to me how silly the other guys got, I knew my place was at the head of the show, and people would be watching me and how I treated the guys.

"I am a living witness, a living testimony of how someone can transform their lives, confront and learn from their past and help others along the way."

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