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A lot about your past has been speculated and talked about in the press? What are your comments and how do you deal with this kind of negativity in your life? 

Well if one is going to be on a television show that will be seen around the world they need to prepare themselves for hate. I unfortunately have been at the forefront of haters for many years now, so it’s something I have grown a thick skin too and have grown deaf to. When I designed, and raised almost $44000, worked with Senators, City officials, community leaders and implemented the Atlanta Rainbow Crosswalks in Atlanta, I received so much hate. People thought I should be using the money for others things, not historic public art; The Rainbow Crosswalks. My reply was and still is the same – the people wanted the rainbow crosswalks and that’s why they donated to have them installed, I was just the vessel that realized the idea, helped write the historic legislation and made it happen and at the end of the day, I donated almost $17,000 of the remaining funds back into the community which helped originations from a No Kill animal shelter, a church that feeds the homeless, to a non-profit that gives homeless teens clothes. Hate doesn’t help anyone. Goodwill, respect and dignity for others and non-judgment is what helps, but hate I received.  I received hate when I started my modelling career in NYC. I wasn’t tall enough, I didn’t have the right look, I wasn’t this or that, but I booked major campaigns all over the world. And most recently hate about my past, as if most of the people hating on me don’t have their own past’s, or don’t use ‘grindr’ on their phones, or don’t have ads on cruising websites, or don’t have one night stands, the list goes on about how we could judge the judgers, but I am the one deemed unworthy of love and dignity by some because I took control of my life at a point where there were no options for me, no security – I took control of my life, did what I had to do for me and made it to the other side. I am a living witness, a living testimony of how someone can transform their lives, confront and learn from their past and help others along the way. That is something that should be celebrated, not condemned. I have learned that people will hate just about everything and anything, but my journey through all of these moments in life and my journey for clarity and a more awakened spirit has allowed me to see that hate directed at you or me should not be seen as a personal attack, in fact it should be seen as moment of divine clarity that the person or people hating have an absurd fear of what they see in you that actually reflects themselves. It says much more about them then it does about oneself. Long story short, bless their hearts!

Do you see yourself as a Prince Charming?

Prince Charming is a Disney character - I see myself as a person that has been able to transform my life - I see myself as someone that has endured a lot - I can only try to spread my philosophy of living in harmony and love with yourself and others, trying to understand how ones ego can be ones downfall and inspire others to understand that no matter what has happen to you in your past all of us are worth of love and dignity. I can only play the part of me, not a watered down, Disney, unexposed caricature of what people perceive the perfect prince charming to be, this is real life, I’m a real human being with real emotions that has had to overcome real life situations and obstacles and that’s something others I hope can be inspired by and draw strength from, and if anything, one can say I am a very well rounded indivisual that has had a lot of life experience and has come out of it all a more humble and understanding human being. Everyone must live their lives the best way they can, not trying to live someone else’s journey, that journey is already taken, but living your journey making the best decisions for you. Someone else wrong turn can be your right turn and vice versa. But I do recognize that the show has given me a platform, and I will continue to use that platform to spread awareness on issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community and issues that are meaningful to me. As far as my activism, philanthropy, chartable work and constant pursuit of equality for my LGBTQ+ family, that I hope people see as someone doing something and not just talking about it. I do hope my life so far can inspires others; anything is possible with hard work and faith.

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