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Wearing foundation all day everyday can be very tiring for your skin. Do you have any products/tips you would recommend to use instead to help your skin on a daily basis?

Cleanse your skin very well each and every night.  Get on a great skincare routine and invest in a good serum—nothing outside your budget.  Having the best skin you possibly can will allow you to wear less makeup.  Instead of wearing a full face of foundation, just do a spot base and conceal only the areas that need.  


You are late for the most important interview of your life and you only have 5 minutes to do your make up. What would you do?

Make sure my skin looks flawless but still natural, mascara, a light dusting of bronzer, and a berry lip stain


What has been the most difficult moment of your career and why?

Living in Los Angeles sometimes doesn’t allow you to work on big fashion shows or editorial shoots because most of that is done in New York and Europe.  At the beginning of my career I sometimes wasn’t taken seriously because I never did the New York thing.   So it took me a bit of time to get started,  but I feel so lucky… I have worked with the most beautiful women in the world, I have nothing to complain about!


What are your go to brands for the perfect red lipstick?

Chanel is definitely known for beautiful classy reds.  But I have so many favorites from Smashbox to Revlon, MAC, Lorac and Charlotte Tilbury. 

Your A-list clientele is super impressive. Describe that moment that you stopped for a moment and thought to your self: “ Ok I have made it”?

Definitely when I did the cover of British Harpaz Bazaar with Jennifer Lawrence.   That was a "pinch-me" moment.

"When I did the cover of British Harpaz Bazaar with Jennifer Lawrence  -  That was a "pinch-me" moment."

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