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Everybody views the world differently, and some take it upon themselves to share their vision of the world with others as well as taking a stand to change the world around them. Photographers see the world through the eyes of a camera, they know what makes something aesthetically pleasing and go out of their way to share their vision. Some do this through the use of social media and others build and create an empire of their own through a new business. People say that in your lifetime you will miss 9,000 opportunities to do something great just because you didn’t realise it at the time.  So it is advised that you take every opportunity that comes your way. Linda Cooper has done just this, and she shared with us all the opportunities that she didn’t pass on.

“It's all about your connections,

and networking with the right people"


Tell us a bit about you and your background.

I moved to England when I was 14 years old and started my GCSE’s and A-Level’s. I then went to study at St Martin’s University but only stayed one year as I didn't enjoy it. I decided to take a gap year and didn't go back! I then got work with a Taiwanese magazine after university, during that time I went out to a lot of parties, and that was really how I started my career because I met a lot of famous people at these parties and did a lot of Networking. It really only started when I started taking photos of the celebrities I met whilst at the parties. By the time I started not many people were using photoshop so I started using it quite early and then suddenly everybody became obsessed with it! Photoshop was what really boosted my career as I became so familiar with it I enjoy editing the photos and retouching them. It got to the point where I didn't really like to retouch other peoples work so I brought my own camera and started from there. It feel’s weird to be referred to as an influencer, because all you are is internet famous when you have a large following online. A lot of people online are fake, and I never wanted to give that impression to people with my work.




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