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Listen up all your aspiring creators, fashionistas and photographers out there, to become successful, all you need to do is follow these 3 steps: First be true to who you are; second, have a strong aesthetic; third, have a genuine personality and make connections. These are the wise words of instagramer and influencer Mark Livermore, who a lot like us here at MR JOEL have a passion for fashion, networking, and photography. In this interview, we learn what aspects of social media he enjoys, his favourite designers and about his published book 'Minimalistic Man'. You will also find out about his latest collaboration with TopMan, whilst sharing some advice to all of those starting their careers. So, continue reading if, you too, have an interest in fashion and the wonder which is social media.

Tell us a bit about you and your background.

I’ve just turned 26 and I create and install window concepts. I’ve worked in fashion for the past 7 years, slowly progressing into the creative side of retail. Initially Instagram was a hobby, and it still is, however, I engage a lot more with what’s going on these days working with other influencers and photographers. It inspired me to write a book guiding men with clothing, focusing on essential pieces and sustainability – ‘Minimalistic Man’.


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