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Can you give us 3 tips to keep your body in shape and healthy?

Eat vegetables, meat and poultry (steam cooked). Everyday exercises, plank (static exercise), abs exercises, running, etc..

Healthy rest, sleep any less than 8 hours is unacceptable.


Morning, noon or night? 

I am an early bird! I’m used to getting up early, at 7 a.m. Once awake I cook, usually salad and fresh juice and after go out and do jogging. Getting up early gives you an opportunity to do more during your day.

What was the last film you saw? 

“Looking forward to meet you!”

What's your favourite place to watch TV? 

I prefer using the laptop on the balcony with a cup of cool tea rather than watching TV.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

Paris without any doubt! Paris is the city of fabulous contrasts, love and the place where you aspire to create!

What do you eat for breakfast? 

I would lie to you if I said that I don’t like farinaceous foods. Who doesn’t like it (laughing)? Oh…this traditional Italian breakfast with the apricot croissants dipped into a cappuccino! But usually I eat salad, fresh juice and can add some boiled chicken or turkey breast.

What's your favourite style? 

I like practical garments. I have a casual style – jeans,  T-shirt, comfortable shoes. I’m a fan of the Spanish brand MANGO Man. They make really good everyday garments. I prefer Nike or Aldo on my feet! These brands make shoes that give you a feeling like you are in slippers.

Photo credit: Marc Godard

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