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Photo credit: Marc Godard

When did you decide to start modelling?

I have been paving my way in the fashion industry for the last year. At the beginning I didn’t take into account a lot of nuances. I believed that to be a model it would be enough to have a good body (laughing). I did fashion shoots for a sport underwear and swimsuit brands and started to prepare for sport competitions. One day I became acquainted with my current agent and friend Mark who was the person I needed. Mark told me every little thing about the fashion industry. He criticized me a lot and that’s was quite offensive for me at the beginning, but I understood that he had seen potential for my growth. I’m mindful of his advice. To be a model means not only to have a beautiful body but also to master mimicry, gestures, eyes, body, to grasp the rudiments of psychology, philosophy, etc. I am a member of large modelling agency TWO Management ( Los Angeles and Toronto) now. This modelling agency is my major, but I also collaborate with some agencies in Europe and Asia. I am so happy with all the changes in my life and in myself!


What’s your workout routine?

A lot of professional sportsmen or sport amateurs divide their trainings into groups. I do it too! I can focus on my abs and arms, shoulders and chest, train my legs another day, etc. I do not have a specific training plan, I train in a way that I feel comfortable. I can enter gym to have weight-lifting exercises but suddenly I change my mind and do cardio on treadmill or elliptical trainer.

To meet the requirements of an international male model, I had to lose approximately 15 KGs. My size at the moment is 48, I’m going for 46, but I used to be 52!

When you’re watching Fashion Week in Milan, New York or Paris, you think that male models are quite large-sized, don’t you? This is not the case! Standard sizes of male models are 44-46. In Paris 44 is preferable.

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