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You mention transformation as part of your journey. I noticed you seem to embrace the concept of plastic surgery as seen on your social media. Have you had plastic surgery yourself and if so what procedures have you had done?

I never confirm or deny! At the end of the day if it looks good, feels good and tastes good; then that’s all that matters.  I am a walking advocate for anything that will physically, mentally or spiritually enrich and/or improve one’s self.  It has taken a lot of blood, sweat, tears and money to look the way that I do. Genetics can only do so much for someone; the rest is all hard work, upkeep and yes…sometimes plastic surgery.


What's your most embarrassing moment?

Well I have a secret habit of talking to myself and sometimes I do this in public when I assume I'm alone. Recently I was giving myself a pep talk while walking up a ramp towards the entrance of a building, not knowing there was someone behind me. When I reached the entrance, the guy that was behind me suddenly appeared to my side and just looked at me as if I was possessed. What made it even more awkward is that we had to get into the same elevator together. I felt so embarrassed–not for what he heard me say but for the fact he probably thought I was a schizophrenic who had forgotten to take his medication.


If you had to attribute your body parts to your personality how would you pair them?  

I would probably attribute my eyes to my personality the most out of any other body part. I have many sides and many moods and I think that my eyes convey it best. 

For anyone that may be curious, what is your biggest turn on?

To me there is something very erotic in what I call “subtle sexuality’. The insinuation of sex without the instant gratification of it can really drive anyone wild. I want to make my subject work for it. I’m aroused by any man that can intellectually keep up with me. I am dismissive of men that are too obvious or overt. I require a man that can look past the glitter and see into my soul. A gentleman that is assertive and intelligent is a class act in my eyes.


Describe yourself in 5 emojis and why?                                  

 🎀  I’m fancy and I love pink 

😘  I'm a big flirt

💁  I'm sassy  

👑  Well no explanation needed

💯  I always keep it real 

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