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Do you get a lot of haters criticising you? If so how do you deal with the situation and what advice would you give someone that is going through the same? 

That's definitely something I've had to deal with a lot on social media. I feel that anyone that's going to cowardly hide behind a computer screen to spew hatred to a stranger is to be pitied. It's not me they hate, it's themselves. I find it sad the extent that some people have gone to, to express their hate towards me. I simply send love and healing to them because that's what's missing in their lives. People that are broken often find solace in trying to hurt others; it's a dark cycle. I would tell others not to accept any hateful words at face value. There will unfortunately always be people who lack the ability to see past their own insecurities. Embrace who you are without fear and focus on what makes you happy.  


Do you think people are still in that mindset that men should only do and wear certain things and women the same?

Of course they are. There is an underlying level of misogyny associated to that mindset. I think we've definitely come a long way in society; however, there’s still a sense of fear, and I see that in relation to fashion. As a muscular “masculine looking” man, people would rather see me in gym clothes than a pink floral garden robe –but why? Why must I only conform to one? Why should I have to alter my artistic expression to cater to society’s fear? I see a tremendous amount of internalized homophobia within the LGBT community as well, which is where this "fear" breeds the most. There is this obsession with hyper masculinity–primarily by gay men—who deep down inside feel extremely inadequate and insecure. I say f**k all of that. My motto in life is to ‘shine as who you are, and others will follow suit to that’.   


What made you embrace and share your sexuality? 

I am a visual creation of my imagination. My own physical insecurities growing up motivated me to transform myself into the man you see today. I learned early on that I could use my sexuality for personal benefit and to be very honest, my initial motivation for embracing my sexuality was to capitalize on money and power. When I realized that I was chasing a mirage and hadn’t found true happiness, I had to learn to find God before I could embrace and share my sexuality whole-heartedly.   

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