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Sexuality and the human body are something that usually is generalised to “belong” to women, however you take this notion to another level as you combine the alpha-male look with sexuality that we are so used to see in women. What are your views on sexuality and gender?

I think that the people who are drawn to my images are drawn to the fact that I combine both masculine and feminine imagery into my artistic expressions. I do believe that in society women are sexualized to a greater extent than men –perhaps because women are often first to be objectified, and seen as sexual prey. There is a sense of both vulnerability and power that comes with sexuality. I embrace all sides of myself without the need to adhere to social standards and/or labels. I guess you can say I like to subtly work the fine line of androgyny without being too obvious or garish. 


Do you think people objectify you just because of the way you look?

Absolutely! It happens every single day and it's only natural that they do because that's what they see. I'm the one that puts the images out there. I'm the one that has to take responsibility for the objectification that I've enrolled my audience into; it’s all for show. I’ve created a fantasy, which is not easy sometimes because I feel like people would rather look at me as a sex symbol rather than a human being. 

What’s your favourite part of your body and why?

I love my ass for obvious reasons. It's big, it's beautiful and curvy. I find that men and women of all orientations have varying degrees of admiration–and occasionally obsession–for it. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with the territory in fact, but I embrace who I am. Sometimes I even feel a sense of power when I walk into a room. I tend to invoke both desire and curiosity in people–or they may think I look silly. Either way, it’s still “MY” favorite body part.

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