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RESIDENCE: Los Angeles,, California


Amir is an Instagramer, a model and an influencer. From his lifestyle, to his image. He is not shy stripping down in front of the camera or baring his soul to his followers. Amir’s personal aesthetic seems to be an inspiration for many who have become fascinated with not only his beauty but also the complexity of his character. Fitness, fashion, sex and soul; one can't help but be amused by him. He resides in Southern California where he oversees his various business endeavors. He produces and directs his own photographic artwork, which unapologetically flaunts his body. His look is both masculine and glamorous which is quite appealing to his followers. Amir’s provocative images show that men can be sexualized just as much as women. From being an athlete by morning, businessman by day and an entertainer by night, it is obvious to say that Amir lives a very busy lifestyle, but we were fortunate enough to bag an interview with him before he was whisked away elsewhere. Read on to discover more about this famous Instagramer.



I workout 6 days a week and I have an athletic coach that I see 4 times a week. He helps keep my body in peak physical condition by giving me routines that are constantly changing. Aside from hours spent in the gym, nutrition is critical for maintaining the body I’ve built. I competed in my first fitness competition last year in Oceanside, CA. I was awarded 1st place in the Men’s Classic Physique division and 4th place in Men’s Physique. I find that I have to constantly keep myself challenged in order to continue to look my best when naked.



I direct and produce my own photographic artwork. I also own and operate a lifestyle consulting firm, which utilises many of my images for marketing. I consider myself a life stylist and offer private consulting for special clients with services ranging from interior design to life coaching. I love the concept of having a vision and being able to watch it unfold.  



I think those who have had the opportunity to meet me in person can attest to what that entails firsthand. I could tell you but I would rather show you.

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