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What got you into dancing and who inspired you? 

Britney and Janet Jackson have been my biggest inspirations and it's the reason why I got into dance.

What has dance taught you?   

It taught me to express myself in a different way. Nothing compares to the feeling that you get through your movements.

What was your worst dance moment?

Hmmmm lol I'm not a big fan of pirouettes 😂. I fake them but they're not my thing.

What is it like to perform in Las Vegas?

Oh it's fun!!! It's definitely different from touring. We get fun crowds all the time.

What is your favourite moment of the “Piece of Me” show and why?

I love performing 'Break the Ice' and 'Gimme More'. I just love the song on those two tracks they're a bit more urban and just the sound of it makes you really feel the song as you're dancing to it.

How would you describe Britney in 3 words and what have you learnt from her? 

Sweet, hard worker, inspirational. I've learned from her that no matter how big of a celebrity you are there is nothing better that staying grounded like she has. She's so normal! It's refreshing to see that it's possible even being such a big celebrity.

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