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Can you tell us about yourself and your blog?

After studying Fashion Marketing at University I have since worked in various roles in Marketing and PR in the luxury fashion industry before starting my fashion blog in February 2016. I now am a full time blogger in London and it is literally my dream job! The key concept behind my blog is 'Affordable Style' - I like to put together cool outfits that are are an affordable price. Whilst I love luxury fashion, and do splash out on key items such as shoes or a designer handbag, I prefer to shop at cheaper fast fashion brands for clothing. 

Describe how did you first get into blogging?

Admittedly I am a bit of a shopaholic and am always on the hunt for new things, so thought I may as well share all my style steals via social media in the hope of inspiring others. Seeing a few of my favourite bloggers doing it as their full time job I used to always think 'I wish I could do that' until one day I thought, 'well why can't I?!' - and here I am. 

Who was your first style icon?

I take my style inspiration from all around me in every day life. I wouldn't say I have ever had a particular style icon I've looked up to. 

Who takes the majority of your photos?

I have a professional photographer I try and see every couple of weeks for a shoot in South Kensington, she takes the photos for my website. Then some of the photos on my Instagram I take myself, and sometimes my boyfriend or my mum step in! 

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