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timothy richardson

model | mr. united states

Everybody has their reasons for having their own social media pages. For many, it is a way of self-expression, and for some, it is a platform to voice your opinion and get yourself heard in a sea of millions. But regardless of our reasons, we all share a simple motive, to make a name for ourselves. Whether you want to be known as that girl on Instagram that takes great photos of tattoo’s or that entrepreneur that used a social media platform to start their own business, we all use it for a reason. Timothy Richardson is no different. He described social media as “being intimidating, but it also builds confidence because it’s something that becomes your own”, Timothy is just one example of how the global age of social media can impact a career and give someone the confidence and individuality they need. He gave us his story.

“Social media provides people

the option to voice their opinion!"



Tell us a bit about you and your background.

I grew up in Orlando, Florida, born and raised, and when I was in High School I always played basketball. In senior year I transferred to track, and from track it took me to the University of Miami, and in Miami is where I picked up modelling, and that’s where I developed my interest that soon developed into a passion. I wanted to learn how to use my body to exude art, to be able to portray a message through a picture.




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