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Where do you get your inspiration from?

Our mentor taught us intricate application methods that fall in line with Way Bandy and Kevyn Aucoin – world-famous celebrity makeup artists whose main focus was making women feel beautiful through the power of makeup. Their work overall is very inspirational. Much of their techniques can be found in the following makeup books: Designing Your Face, Styling Your Face, and Making Faces.


Who are some people that have inspired you throughout your career?

There is not any one person in particular that has inspired us. It is really our clients that inspire us to do what we do. Seeing the reaction of happy clients after looking in the mirror and telling us how they have never felt more beautiful in their entire life makes it all very satisfying work. We love making our world a more beautiful place – however that may transpire!


What do you love most about makeup? 

Not only is makeup a delightful outlet for creativity, but also in many ways helps build the confidence up in others. It makes people feel more beautiful, self-assured, and subsequently more happy with their overall lives. Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way – makeup is a great tool for bringing that beauty out in all us. We also love the endless creative possibilities of editorial makeup. It is really exciting to take a model’s face as a blank canvas and creatively apply, sweep, and paint vibrant and/or metallic colors in an artistic fashion leading to the end result of strikingly unique and beautiful images.

If you guys were not makeup artists, what else would you do?

I (Austen) would probably have become a cosmetic dermatologist. I did very well in my pre-medical classes (I took those as well) and have always had a fascination in skin, skincare, and the preservation of beauty. A number of unrelated factors navigated me in a different direction – I am very happy with my decision to focus on my current businesses nonetheless. Tyler has always loved business, and would probably have worked for an innovative company with ample room for career growth in New York City.

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