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Summer can prove to be a busy travel month, especially if you have planned several activities. When travelling, be very careful on the choice of activities and how they affect what you eat. When you place order for food in the restaurant, be very specific and ask food to be prepared to your likings. Any good restaurant will be happy to make the adjustment like baking instead of frying or omitting certain ingredients from the dishes. While at home, make healthy food choices like filling your plate with non-starchy, seasonal vegetables like broccoli, asparagus and plenty of greens. Proteins are good at keeping you fuller-longer, besides they are also good at building muscles and repairing muscle tissues and rev up your metabolism. To curb your hunger, include some form of protein in your food like, fish, chicken and lean meat. Also include some low fat or no-fat dairy products in your diet like yogurt etc. Prefer baking or grilling your food instead of frying. Avoid foods that contain empty calorie, like soda and chips.

Summer season brings along opportunity to enjoy variety of tempting sweet beverages. Be mindful in consuming them and have them in moderation. Refreshing drinks like fruits infused water and green tea are great treat. Staying hydrated is critical during warm summer weather since dehydration can lead to headache and lethargy. Often body mistakes thirst for hunger so be careful not to over eat. If you are very active or sweat a lot, you should increase your water intake.


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