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The Decadence of Brushes

There is something about a solid, clean make up brush that sets everyone in motion. From the beauty bloggers to the make up artists and of course real working women (and men too). They have become a sort of cult item to have.

When once upon a time they were considered either the tools of artists (make up, painting and so on), now everyone has their go to items from the simple shadow brush to the contour an sculpting. They are a staple of every make up kit from a catwalk show to dressing table in your home, a make up brush is now a must have and often to be seen item.

Ranging from easy to find and cult brands like real techniques who cornered the market in beauty blogging to the more affordable lux end of the market like Brushwork cosmetics .

Everyone has their favourite brand and follows them religiously, grabbing up the limited editions, must haves and latest items that appear.

From a make up artist perspective its fantastic and opens the door (in the instagram age) to so many new brands and possibilities that its mind boggling to choose.

For me there are some must haves: A good foundation brush



Brows (naturally)


and I am never without a blending brush for the eyes (A multi tasker in my hands).

For more details on the brushworks range click the link and use promo code JamesC for a 15% discount.


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