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Isaura - "I Need Ya"

With the growth of mass media, popular culture and current artists, it is hard to wrap our heads around how developed we are as a society today. On today's world, we are free to express our individually through any means possible, and people often take to music, film and social media to get their message across. And with such large artists such as Beyoncé, JayZ or Ed Sheeran, continuing to take over the music industry, it is easy for us to forget new and up and coming artists. Artists such as Isaura.

Isaura is a Portuguese artist signed by Universal Music Portugal Record Label. Her genre of music, as she describes, is Lo-fi, Urban Pop, Alternative Pop, Synth Pop and Electronic. She writes and composes her own songs, her most recent of which is 'I Need Ya'. This slow alternative pop song combines vocals, a vast array of instruments and an audio backing to create a slow, almost techno, alternative piece, which is only one of many songs that will feature on her new album that will be released early next year.

Isaura has her own unique and individual trademark when it comes to her career in the music industry, her music is not defined and put under one category of genre. However, her music falls under many. She is, of course, extremely multitalented, and an artist who people need to keep an eye out for, and if her newest single does not spark your fancy after a listen then I suggest you reconsider your music choices.


Follow Isaura Music video by Isaura performing I Need Ya (C) 2017 Universal Music Portugal, S.A


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