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Gentlemens chuckaboo

Luke Clifton, 29, and Tom Sheard, 24, are the brains behind Gentlemen’s Chuckaboo - a new range of products for men’s beards and moustaches.

Formed 2 years ago, by grooming enthusiasts Luke & Tom, the business has gone from strength to strength.

The inspiration behind Gentlemen’s Chuckaboo harps back to yesteryear, a time when a gentleman lived comfortably in a three-piece suit, a well-made hat and perfectly preened facial hair with neat oiled hair to boot.

Gentlemen’s Chuckaboo grooming products are luxurious and refined, with unique hand drawn images that exudes individuality, setting the brand apart from the crowd. The chaps at Chuckaboo have worked incredibly hard to maintain a natural range of products, allowing them to design a strong brand with a conscience.

The brands ethos is simple; a gentleman should have confidence in his grooming products, not only should they enhance and indulge, they should also perform and preserve. Gentlemen’s Chuckaboo luxury grooming products do just that. Use promo code 'MRJOEL' for a special discount.


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