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Art by Numbers

Art is something that fascinates me. Yes I work with make up and I have been known to create something abstract with body painting but the discipline and mindset is different. Or is it?

the gable hoose

Stewart Nicol Soutar is just such an artist, abstract by nature and design. From childhood, experimenting with scraps of fabric to an adult working with canvas and oil paint, he has found himself in the abstract niche creating something from the imagination that captures and is as fresh as a first viewing each time you look at it.

I know that sounds odd but each time I look at his work I see something new or my eye interprets the painting differently, which is as much a pleasure for me as the artist who appreciates my candour.

the wee hoose

From Scotland originally, Stewart has lived and worked across the UK and Europe bringing his own view to each piece. Settled (for now) in the small town of West Kilbride on the West coast of Scotland with his collie dog (as much a character as the artist himself) he has built a cult following across the Southern states of the USA for his abstract and dreamlike work.

west coast life

For more information on the artist visit:

MR JOEL will be giving away one of his pieces very soon, so pay close attention for details on how to enter the competition.

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