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Nepal the jewel of Asia

South Asia has always been a place of spiritual enlightenment and a colourful glamour (Bollywood anyone?). What we don't see featured heavily is the jewel in the crown that is Nepal. A small remote region its home to some of the most beautiful scenery, temples and has a significant culture in its own right. As I write this my mind wanders to my own time in India and even I think Nepal is stunning and a potential new home for me. My heart does belong to south Asia if I am honest.

Considered an open secret we still know very little about the place on a whole and that is part of its charm. A mecca for the spiritual, its also home to amazing regional films ranging from documentary to in house movies and has its own star system that rivals Hollywood and Bollywood in popularity.

Its the younger generation who are building bridges to Europe and the USA whilst maintaining those traditions that make Nepal such a jewel in the south Asian crown.

Delighting in the diversity and building on the potential, Kathmandu films is about showcasing talent, creating new projects and showing the world what a beautiful country they live in.

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