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Paul m. distefano artist

Every actor has something about themselves that they highlight, a skill or talent that marks them out. Paul m. distefano prefers to look at himself as an all round artist working a a variety of mediums to create a whole.

Preferring the tag artist over anything else, he models himself on such talent as David Bowie who was known for not just his music but his performance art and acting. One of the stable of talent at the Sonia Scott all talent agency in Glasgow, he has shown drive and ambition training with some LA's best instructors and has credits including ballet performance, TV roles in the USA and much more.

As an artist from America working and living in the UK he optimises world talent and shows that hard work and dedication will take you to the places you want to be.

Photography and make up: JamesC

Instagram: @jamescmakeup

Twitter: @JamesCmakeup

Actors agency: All Talent UK

#hollywood #actor #jamesc #jamescmakeupdesigner #fimtalent #artist #preformance #derelictbuilding #agencyactor #alltalent

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