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Dr. Barbara Sturm is, in her own good humoured words, a badass doctor with a really cool skincare line. A self-proclaimed “mad scientist”, Dr Sturm is internationally renowned for her innovative work in molecular cosmetics in her products. With the launch of her newest product, an anti-aging primer made in collaboration with make-up artist Monika Blunder, her position as a big-name beauty expert can only be on the up and up.

Dr. Sturm started out as an orthopedic surgeon, a scientific background that introduced her to work in cosmetics in an original and exciting way. It was in this line of work that the idea of her revolutionary “blood cream” product first came into being, as she worked as part of the team that developed the Kobe Procedure. This treatment is centred around the patient’s own blood being taken and used to produce proteins, which reduce inflammation and stimulate healing. Dr. Sturm rejected the mainstream cosmetic surgery idea of repeatedly “filling” without generating real regeneration, and invented the “vampire facial” 15 years ago, which over time developed into the regenerating blood cream.

The blood cream follows the same idea – using the patient’s own blood to revitalise and reinvigorate the skin. By drawing the blood and encouraging it to produce white blood cells, she generates a ‘protein cocktail’ with a massive increase of healing factors, and adds this to the base skincare cream. Following this innovative creation, Dr. Barbara Sturm began to develop a series of products to be used alongside the blood cream, and became the skincare guru she is known as today.

Another innovative product she is credited with creating are her brilliant Sun Drops. She has spoken about her dislike of sunscreen, which contains chemicals that can leave skin irritated and unhealthy, despite providing essential protection from dangerous UV rays. As a healthier, more skin-friendly alternative, the Sun Drops can be added to any skin care product for instant Factor 50 protection, while helping to regenerate damaged skin cells.

Dr. Barbara Sturm made beauty headlines last Spring as she collaborated with Golden Globe winning actress Angela Bassett on a skincare range designed for people of colour. The range includes products such as cream and cleanser that is specifically tailored to the particular needs of darker skin. And now her newest collaboration is drawing further media attention once again.

The new anti-aging primer developed by Dr. Sturm and Monika Blunder provides moisture and nourishment while giving the skin a youthful glow. By combining Dr Sturm’s skincare range staples hyaluronic acid and pentylene glycol with modified rice starch, as opposed to silicone, the pair have created a high quality, fully functional primer that creates the ideal foundation level before applying your make-up, without drying the skin out. This newest product is available now on Dr Sturm’s website and on NET-A-PORTER from the 8th of March.




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