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Lost project is a kind of hybrid affair, combining the work of fine artists and a makeup designer. Each of them frustrated by their current markets and looking outward creatively. You would think such different disciplines would not mix but in actual fact they feed off each other and work collectively on each side of the project, each taking a degree of ownership over their disciplines whilst supporting the remaining two.

In the collective working at this time are: JamesC makeup designer and Stewart Nicol Soutar artist.

Soon to join the ranks will be Jett Viverre fine artist and graphic designer.

JamesC brings the difference maker to the process, his skills in makeup are commercial and film, a middle of the road and easily translatable body of work that goes from Scottish indies and corporate film to his negotiations and deals with Bollywood and Nepal.

Frustrated with the simple and clean work he decided to take a different slant, keeping the clean cut work but putting it in derelict buildings and against graffiti to contrast with the more fashion oriented look of the clothes and the model. Although aiming at the fashion market the edge of more darker thoughts will creep into later work, all of which is aimed at being published as an editorial story.

Stewart, came in from his own angle seeing the fine arts sector as staid, each work was similar the last and didn’t show the artist and decided to create something of a cathartic project that is the dark heart of his checkered past combined with a gleeful new edge and extension of his abstract of the past.

Rather than try and compete we want to create and show our work to the world and support development with an expanding creative process that will include the work of Jett and Stewart alongside the more grunge style of the fashion work of JamesC, building into a creative identity and force of art that will be a breath of fresh air for the team and we hope bring a new slant to the Scottish market where each of the artists is currently based, although JamesC will be touring again with clients across Asia for a variety of projects he will continue shooting for his favourite magazines and sites as well as advocating the lost project across the globe.

You should definitely follow them on their social media networks and keep updated to their projects and see what they are up to.



Model Victor Ilev:

Makeup and photography:

Stewart Nicol soutar:



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