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If you could have an unlimited storage of one thing, what would it be?

If I could have an unlimited storage of one thing it would be 15 calorie, sugar-free popsicles and cash.  I really like popsicles and cash.

So how does it feel like to be Scott Cullens?

 I don’t know how it feels to be Scott Cullens.  I used to know because I was so self-centered that I only thought in terms of being Scott Cullens.  Today, I feel a part of the Universe as a whole, a husband, a son, a brother, pet caretaker, a business owner that employs dozens of people that pay their bills because of what I built, a creator. I am not alone, this is not all about me - it’s about being the kind of man that inspires.

What’s in for the future of Scott Cullens?

 I am confident of my prosperous and joyful future but I am thrilled I cannot predict it.  What would be the purpose of destiny?  If all of this is not within my absolute control, then I want to quit the game.  Fate is a notion concocted by people living in fear, unsure of their own decisions and unsure that the Universe is a perfect accounting system.  I am not unsure.  I want everything to be my decision, my reality.  I will live with the consequences, good or bad. I think people confuse fate with the normal flow of energy in the Universe.  They believe that when they think of someone from their past and then get a phone call out of the blue from that person, that it was fate.  No, it was your summoning of the contact, nothing random.  Your thoughts are more powerful than most realize.

What are you doing for the rest of the day?

What am I doing the rest of the day?   I am taking my puppy to a puppy play date, going to do a leg workout and call my Grandma.  Doesn’t sound like I’m shaking the world today but I’m shaking the worlds of what is important to me. My mantra - I am satisfied and eager for more.

Check out the links below to learn more about Scott and his work.

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