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Can you tell us a bit about you and your back-ground?

I’m British born and bred former athlete, with a college education and experience working in insurance and finance before taking the leap to modelling! Please don’t judge me yet! I'm passionate about health, fitness and inspiring others!


Describe yourself in one quote and one emoji!

“Tetris taught me, that when you try to fit in you'll disappear!”. 🙃  because I'm sometimes backwards.


Whats your workout routine?

Five days a week! Swim in the morning, weights in the afternoon!


Can you share 4 beauty tips with us?

1. Don't wash your hair every day if you want nice curls.

2. Use baby oil after your shower.

3. Green tea for eye bags.

4. Trim your nose hair because people do notice!

Do you have any hidden talents?

I’m a good artist.


Name one thing that not many people know about you.

I'm a conspiracy geek!

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