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What future projects can we expect from you? 

Thankfully Robert Sepulveda Jr. | Interior Design has been very busy with new interior design clients and projects. My activism and community outreach is something I am also very passionate about. I now live in LA and have had the incredible opportunity to work with some amazing charitable organizations like the LGBT center in West Hollywood, AIDSWalk LA, and many more. I also have a profound passion working with no kill animal rescue and adoption organizations. Ive volunteered for over 13 year to no kill animal rescue organizations throughout the country Animal Haven in NYC and Paws Atlanta and I want to continue that in LA. I also want to continue my work with underprivileged kids and at risk teens that need direction or someone to talk to. Thankfully the LGBT center in LA has wonderful programs for anyone that needs help. I would also love to continue working in television, where I can showcase more of my talents, incorporating love, design, transformations, and being the best you! I've also been working on @RSJcollection, which is a luxury home fragrance line. I been researching and developing it for about 2 years now, but while in Atlanta the Atlanta Rainbow Crosswalks with I am the founder and was the President when I turned it into a non-profit became my number one focus and RSJ Collection took a back seat, then Finding Prince Charming happened and it also took a back seat, but now I really want to get it off the ground and include home furnishings and much more to the collection. More info at & I’ve also started a new YouTube channel @Robert Sepulveda Jr. I'll be posting my thoughts about design, life, love, the past, everything.

What’s the most interesting thing that we haven’t learn from you?

I've been called a trail blazer more than a few times and I never really gave it much thought, until now. Its normal as time passes for people to forget, but I was on MTV's Room Raiders in 2006 - it was one of the first all gay dating shows on TV, although it was only a half hour show - I recall how many people that show affected. It was one of MTV's first gay dating show. I also was the first in Atlanta's city history to confront the critics of the Atlanta Rainbow Crosswalks, a LGBTQ+ public art project and win approval - a win for the LGBTQ+community in my eyes. And recently with Finding Prince Charming - FPC is the first all Gay dating show with an all gay cast, that tackles real life issues, like HIV, sex work, addiction and so much more. So I will gladly accept the title as trailblazer - even with all the critics out there - I wouldn't change a thing. Paving the way is never easy, but people can’t say I haven’t given it my all.

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