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Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Robert Sepúlveda Jr. is a famous designer, model, entrepreneur and LGBTQ activist.  His passion for artistic expression and creativity always stood out during his humble upbringings growing up.  He went to college in Fort Lauderdale, studying interior design and graduating summa cum laude.  It wasn’t an easy road for him, though.

The passion to be the best in style and fashion led Sepúlveda Jr. to the big apple of New York City, where he worked with the biggest names in the business: Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Kenneth Cole, and Calvin Klein.  Eventually, Robert went on to open his own business, RSJdesign, which caters to the high-end luxury interior design spaces for businesses and homes.

Sepúlveda Jr. became a household name this past year when he was the star of the hit dating TV show Finding Prince Charming.  Almost immediately, his past was dug up and all the news outlets and tabloids shared their takes on him working as an escort.  This offered a chance for the audience to discuss sex workers and the gay community in a mature light.  The show’s broadcaster, Logo, embraced Robert Sepúlveda Jr.’s past when they cast him, taking the stance that reality is all about coming to terms with people’s past.

Robert went on the TV show open to finding love and to spread his philosophy that no matter what your past or current circumstance is - no matter if you are hiv +, or have dealt with addiction - we are all worthy of love and dignity.

He continues to pursue his activism work with organizations like HRC, The Trevor Project, Orlando's Come out with Pride and many others fighting for fair treatment, teen suicide awareness and HIV treatment and prevention for all in the LGBTQ+ community and allies.

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