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For some people, fashion can be an inconvenience, a way to lose track of time and sometimes feel self-conscious about the way you look. For others, fashion is a way of life - a life Philosophy, if you will. 


"You never get a second chance to make a first impression. So, dress up and impress"


Ramòn is a model, social media influencer, photographer, artist and musician, all in one, and is certainly a very multitalented individual. He expresses himself through every way he possibly can and enjoys his busy and active lifestyle. And when he's away from his daily activities he loves to spend time with those closest to him. We managed to get a moment with him and ask the questions that everybody wants to ask. So continue reading to delve a little deeper into this multitalented artist. 

Tell us a bit about you and your background.

I was raised in a small city until I was 18 when I moved to the capital to start University, and at the same time a new world of opportunities opened up for me right in front of my eyes. I've played sports all my life, but it was when I started modelling that I began to work out really hard. Now I work mainly as an architect,artist, designer and pianist. I recently started my Instagram adventure because I love fashion, photography and editing. I find that it’s the perfect way to show my style and ideas. 


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