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Who is Raffaele Pone - The Blogger?
My story was born by chance, initially i was posting pictures of me on instagram (selfies, lifestyle and travel posts etc.) and I already had a good following base. Slowly a few brands begun to contact me to sponsor their products on my social accounts, and from there came the idea to open up my blog to have a great visibility and to wear products that enhance my figure.

What inspired you in life, and how do you translate that into your blog posts?
I always try my best in everything I do, although when you're a beginner it is never easy, but we should always look ahead and try to improve, despite the difficulties we encounter. Writting articles on my blog relaxes me and makes me pull a little from the everyday, even if as soon as I finish writing I know that I shave to study.

Do you have a role model?
I follow the adventures of Mariano Di Vaio, the best fashion blogger of the world; I try to get inspiration from him, hoping to one day achieve his success. Never say never! hahahah.

Describe your style in 5 emojis.

What have you done so far today?
Nothing, because last night I was at a birthday party[‘ of a dear friend.

What are you doing after this interview?
After this interview I will go out with my friends, maybe have a drink. 

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