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The story of the young and talented Monika Blunder is one that all women would love to experience: chasing your passion, doing what you love, and making the biggest names in the world look and feel beautiful.  She has been able to work with countless celebrities, including: Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba, Molly Sims, and Britney Spears, just to name a few. 

Born in Austria, Monika Blunder first got her moment to shine when she met Rebecca Romijin (Femme Fatale, X-Men) in 1996.  Once she got her foot in the door, though, there was no turning back, soon she was networking with a lot of Hollywood’s professionals, setting the stage for her star-studded launch into fame living in Los Angeles.  From there, Monika learned more about how women at the top liked to work with their make-up artists and wanted to take this knowledge and demystify, glamorize, and beautify all the women and little girls all over the world.

Monika Blunder’s YouTube channel was born in 2013, where she invested all her passion (and time) into the flourishing market of make-up artist channels.  There was only a mild apprehension at first, given how great YouTube’s growing list of channels with women teaching and applying make-up in front of the camera for their audience.  It’s one thing when you’re doing someone else’s make-up, it’s another when you’re producing your own series of tutorials that must be both educational and entertaining.

Fast-forward to today and Monika, heavy Austrian accent and all, is completely in her element, with over 300,000 subscribers tuned into her regular updates.  This journey of a make-up artist is one of chasing your dreams and overcoming perceived fears or goals that may seem out of reach.  That imagined barrier between celebrities and the Average Jane quickly disappears once you realize that they just want the same things we all enjoy and fall in love with.

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