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What’s your workout routine and how to you maintain it?

I'm a big Biker! I like to start the day with a solid bike ride. I live in West Hollywood so I bike to Santa Monica beach and back, which is about 20 miles. After the beach, I head home relax for about an hour, do some pull ups, hit the joint a couple times then back on the bike to the Gym to hit some weights. Lately I've also been doing these midnight runs. They are awesome! Try it. 

What inspired you the most during Americas Next Top Model?

Being around so many successful people. Not just Tyra, the whole crew, producer, director, the camera Crew. Seeing with my own eyes the work it takes to put a show together. It's nuts you have to be so focused and on point everyday to get the job done. Which sums up life's journey for me. If I want to be successful I need to be prepared to work everyday.

Whats your day to day lifestyle?

I just try to stay out of trouble haha. I like to wake up no later then 8am. Turn the Pandora on, Light breakfast most likely banana and bowl of cereal. Bike Ride to beach, handle any casting or auditions, hit the gym at some point, play some basketball if the courts at LA fitness are swarmed! Pretty normal day.

"As a kid I knew I wanted to travel, travel, and travel."
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