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Maureen Kragt is fashion and lifestyle blogger and influencer who lives a very busy lifestyle which many must envy. From flying between L.A and London, Maureen enjoys traveling and absorbing everything she learns as she goes. She studied criminology and criminal justice and after graduating she started to travel more and started to blog full time. It was her experiences which have got her to where she is today, and we had an interview with Maureen so she could tell us more about herself.


Tell us about yourself growing up?

I believe fashion was always a part of me. Monaco and its style icons certainly have a say in my particular vision of fashion. For example, until the age of 13, I never wore jeans, I wore dresses, skirts, and pantaloons because that's what little girls wore - as my mother used to say. As a child, people always commented on my style, they would often ask where my clothes were from and even from a young age family members and parents of my friends would comment on my dress sense and outfit choices. My mentor, who happens to be my aunt, always told me this famous quote by Christian Dior, which said: Elegance must be the right combination of distinction, naturalness, care, and simplicity - the most important of all is care. Care in choosing your clothes. Care of wearing them. Care in keeping them. Care is a big part of how I see and understand fashion. 


What is your favourite fashion brand?
Today it’s hard to narrow it down to a single brand, as we have so many new and talented designers. It would be impossible to pick just one. Today’s fashion attitude is about mixing and matching luxury wear and high street items. A mixed outfit, if you like.


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