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featuring LUCY HALE


What inspired the looks that Lucy rocked for 

"Waiting on Roxie"?

I worked very closely with the makeup artist and creative team when developing ideas for both style and glam. I was very inspired by 50's vintage French lingerie ads. Great Gatsby references inspired me. Most of the brainstorming for Lucy's style for this film began after I purchased some Helmut Newton prints. His provocative and innovative photography always inspires me. I knew I wanted to try different corsets and incorporate fishnets into Lucy's style after looking at archive Newton prints.

Lucy Hale in...
"Waiting On Roxie" (2016) 
Cinematography by Eric Branco
Featuring Makeup by Kelsey Deenihan
Hair Styling by Kristin Ess
Wardrobe Styling by Lo VonRumpf
Music by Anthony Kalabretta
Sound Mixing by Hall Cantrell
Color by Laura Jans Fazio

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