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With an eye for style and couture, Lo VonRumpf has become a style force in the professional, entertainment, and fashion industry. He has styled for such houses as Burberry, Chloe and Emilio Pucci.


His diverse client base ranges from professionals, recording artists, PR firms, to A- list actors and entertainment agencies. Lo refined his eye for esthetics by working both, in front and behind the camera, expressing his creative vision through beauty and fashion editorial shoots, red carpet events and video shoots.


As a beauty seeker and trend maven, Lo launched his personal styling and consulting company, LVR Style. Based in Los Angeles, California, this affords him the opportunity to consult, style, write and lend his expertise as a “celebrity stylist” as a correspondent on the red carpet.


How did you make the leap from man to celebrity stylist?

I started out modeling as a kid.  I was 19 years old continuing to model, but I found myself loving the fashion side behind the camera. I decided to explore that fashion/ style interest and began styling my friends, colleagues. As my experience grew, so did my client list. 


How would you describe your signature look?

I used to always wear suits. "Mad Men" is one of my favorite TV shows. The 1950's-1960's style with wing tip loafers and a 3 piece suit became my favorite signature look. My signature look is constantly changing now. I'm like a chameleon. Fashion represents freedom and I love to express my style differently depending on my mood and location. I'm based in Los Angeles and I'm a beach type of guy. My signature look reflects that laid back, effortless style that is still fashionable. 


What are your favorite trends this season? 

I love that 90's fashion is coming back. Choker necklaces, plaid shirts, overalls, adidas sneakers were all items I had in my closet back in the day. I love seeing those style trends become popular again. I also love the trend of lingerie as outerwear on women. Beautiful lace bras, corset style tops, silk slip style dresses and even silk pajama  tops worn with denim are so chic and luxe. 

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