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How do you select your materials?

As a beginner I have to think about getting a fabric that would be easy to find again. Once, I got an order to produce as at the moment all of my clothes were made to order and I couldn’t buy hundreds of meters of fabric. I have got this sequin fabric for this collection, which unfortunately have sold out in the shop and because it was made specifically for the shop I couldn’t get it anymore, which means I cannot sell any more clothes I have used the fabric in. I tried to choose practical fabrics again; commercial, easy to look after, wash, iron, but not all of it. I have used spacer mesh which since the year 2 of my studies everyone had started using. With my first collection i just decided to go for it, doing what I wanted though I have designed a collection completely opposite to my aesthetic. I did use some of the fabrics I have wanted to use for a long time including neoprene, bondage straps, piping, and chunky zips, raw edges. I am already thinking about the next collection, and this time I have decided to do exactly what I have always wanted to do; dark, sexy, and more editorial and fashion forward with elements of theatre and drama. I will have some commercial pieces, because I do aim to sell and want to get it out there for there’s no point if no one can wear it.

What's the item you can't live without?

My phone, I’m quite addicted to it due to social networks. I guess my debit card is another item I’d struggle without.

What do you always have in your bag?

I hardly ever carry it with me, lately I’ve been wearing my own clothes which are sporty so i do carry a back pack from time to time, and in it always are my keys, sometimes my headphones, a lip balm, perfume, oyster card, iPad, sketchbook and other little things like chewing gum, sunglasses, and fresh pair of socks.


What are your plans for the future?

I wish to become just like one of those designers that have inspired me. I’d like to be able to create fashion and art that would inspire people around the world. I have dreams to make this happen in due time; shops around the world, fashion catwalks, fashion parties, magazine covers, celebrity hangouts, holidays around the world and family.

Any tips to young designers who are trying to make their dreams come true?

Never give up on your dreams, don’t get lost in the daily things, and if you get knocked down, try to get up as soon as you can and keep going forward. Be who you are and do not try to fit in. Trust people, but be prepared to get hurt. Stars can’t shine without darkness - so be the star and shine bright



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