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Where do you get your inspiration from?

When I was younger, I got inspired by my grandmother and my mother, then it was the people I met, places I saw, movies, music videos, magazines, art, architecture, books and pictures, that hasn’t changed much to this day but on a different level and depth. Moving to London has opened my eyes to so many new things, so many new designers I never knew about whilst back in Lithuania. Ideas come to me like dreams does which might be from movies or things I saw. I forgot my dreams for a while due to drifting into survival mode. Regarding the fashion world; it was the Italian and French fashion. Mostly; dolce gabbana, versace, Gucci, dior, chanel, jean paul gaultier and some others - those were the fashion labels i knew when living in Lithuania. Before getting myself together for the college, I discovered McQueen insanely talented and so close to my heart and my own aesthetic; dark, sexy and daring, thought provoking incredibly theatrical and mesmerising. There was Glliano; another fashion genius with immense creative power, then Alber, Ricardo, Heider, Rick, Lacroix and so on. They’re incredibly inspiring people, incredible talent, that keeps inspiring me and many others.

Tell us about your current collection.

My first collection, which for some reason was a unisex sportswear/ street wear collection, and to be completely honest was the wrong collection, but nevertheless it was and still is an important collection for me. A huge fire in the building complex where my production studio was located burnt it all to ashes besides the production samples which i keep at home and slowly turned in to my own wardrobe. This was a hard punch in a stomach, difficult, but I couldn’t stop for I have stopped too many times before. With my next collection I wanted to shift towards women’s’ wear - it is what i always wanted to design as a prime subject; I called this collection L/U/N/A/R/J/U/M/P. This collection still has a sportswear feel to it, slightly unisex but more fashion forward for women’s’ wear. It has some colour, it also has some sequins it is slightly more sexy and more elegant but edgy at the same time. I like showing skin and ass either mine or that of a woman in my clothes so I have used some sheer fabrics. That takes me to a subject of dressing someone for Met Ball besides here I love Vicoria Becham, Tilda Swinton, Kate blanket and Juliane More; those are the women I’d like to put some of my clothes on alongside many more ladies that will be new icons in the 21st century. I know for sure I would like to ever put my clothes on - Kardashians - except Kendal.



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