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james clark

Grooming and Make Up artists James Clark gives MR JOEL an insight into his work and career.

Working on photoshoots is something I enjoy, the creativity, the chance to create.  With my own shoots, alongside my creative muse and artist herself Jett Viverre.  We create characters and situations.  Mini stories around the look.

Working with male models gives this an extra edge of challenge as my aesthetic is about simple and clean.  I do love colour but sometimes the biggest statement is with minimal. 

The model and aspiring actor Omar, with his strong look gave me something to work with and overall personality made for some dynamic images. 

Keeping to my clean simple rule for this shoot, the make-up was simple as well.  A light concealer, mainly around the eyes and the nose the even out the skin (custom blended using maq pro) and then a little mistair liquid foundation applied to the rest of the face to even the tone.  With a touch of bronzer to deepen the cheekbones and a little transparent powder, the look was complete.

JamesC  is a composite of my own first name and the initial of my surname.  Make up is something I love and photography has slowly become integrated. The desire to create for myself was the driving force behind picking up a camera as well as a brush. 

Although well-travelled, my roots are humble, starting a career as a make-up assistant in the kings theatre in Glasgow, this has led to countless engagements in event, film, TV and has taken me as far as India to the beautiful city of Mumbai where I spent two years before (reluctantly) returning to my home in Scotland. 

Still travelling I am involved in events in London and keep one eye and my hand on my passport, Europe has a certain appeal, in Particular Italy and Portugal. 

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