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As Gabriel describes on his blog he is a "fashion editor gone food blogger". He loves to mix and match in his kitchen and his wardrobe! We catch up with him and found a bit more about him.

How long have you been blogging? is online since August 2013. Before that, I would post on my social media, and especially my instagram account @gabnikolaidis. 

Do you have any tips about food blogging?

It's really important to get to know the people who read your blog through your social media and prepare what they would "ask for". It's always nice to have a more personal connection and become friends with the people that follow you. It's also important to avoid any posts that are out of season and always try to achieve higher standards in photography. 

My main tip is to be the most severe judge of yourself.

Do you prefer blogging about food or fashion? Why?

I love them both, I cannot choose! In the past I have worked as a fashion editor and fashion has always been my passion. I always loved fashion magazines, and I have been going through blogs to get inspiration. At the same time, food photography has always been a huge challenge for me. 

Whats your favourite food?

I am the greatest cheese lover but I cannot say no to chocolate. 



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