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What is your role in the creative process of a fashion shoot?

I go to all the shows seasonally and then disseminate what I have seen into “trends” or “moods” of the season. I then present to Lucy Yeomans, Editor-in-Chief of PORTER, a 6 month plan showing how I think we should execute all the fashion stories to illustrate these trends. It then becomes a creative problem solving exercise: Are we are going to shoot in studio or on location, and where? What’s the photographic concept? Which photographer can execute the brief best? How much budget do I need to allocate and who’s the best model for the story? There are so many parts that need to fit together but choosing the photographer, stylist and casting models are of most importance. My role is kind of like being an orchestra conductor. I set the tempo for fashion , decide which different photographic notes we need to deliver Lucy’s vision and then shape the fashion stories so they all work harmoniously together, on budget and on deadline!

How would you rate your success of what you do?

The ultimate goal of what I do is to produce images and clothes that our readers will fall in love with, where they “want to be that woman in the picture” and to inspire them to SHOP!

Your most glamorous event?

The PORTER launch party in Paris was probably one of the most glamorous events I have been to. Dancing with Rihanna was a highlight.


What’s your favourite thing to do?

Spending the day at the beach with my 7 year old daughter Charlotte.


What’s your most embarrassing story/moment?

Too many to mention but tripping in my heels and falling flat on my face at the shows, I tend to do that a lot.


What’s your most glamorous moment?

I was the Royal Wedding’s fashion correspondent for NBC’s ‘The Today show’, which broadcasted live from Buckingham Palace on the day. I had never done live TV, let alone to an audience of about a billion people. I have friends in America facebooking me saying, “What are you doing on TV with AL ROKER??”. I have never been more petrified as there was no script. Everything was off the cuff! They asked me not to wear black which was a real challenge as I only wear black! I ended up buying a green Lanvin dress and borrowed a navy Alexander McQueen coat.

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