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Have you ever looked at somebody's Instagram and wondered how they have so many followers? Sometimes it's the quality of their posts, the business they work for, their sponsors, their connections, and sometimes it's just because they have a natural born talent at being able to connect with people through social media and their unique style. According to digital media influencer and model Frank Gallucci, "Style has no rules, just personality". Let us find out what other opinions this multitalented instagrammer has on fashion.   

Tell us a bit about you and your background.

Well, what can I say? My life is going exactly in the direction I wanted and I worked a lot for it, but I am just at the beginning of the show. I have lived in Milan for 3 years since I started my career and it became my second home. My background is a mix because my origin is half Sicilian and half from Calabria. I was born in Sicily but I spent all my childhood until 18 years in Crotone. I graduated in Perugia and then soon in Australia for few months. When I came back to Italy I had a business experience in which I become a co-founder and owner of an import-export company but after two years I switched for a new life in another field, entrepreneurship.


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