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Just over a year ago I was introduced to the potential business opportunity Forever Living had to offer by a good friend of mine, Louise Capp. I was extremely sceptical and initially said no as I had too many reservations. All the same theories I hear today. “It’s one of those pyramid schemes” (which I can assure you is not as these are actually illegal in the UK), “everybody is doing it”, etc, etc.. I did however decide to purchase a bottle of Aloe Vera Drinking Gel from my friend at the time. With it being so nutritious containing all essential vitamins (including the rare B Vitamin B12 which many people have deficiencies in), minerals and amino acids that our bodies need and knowing already how much Aloe Vera Barbadensis was known as one of Natures natural healers, it really was a no brainer. Just from drinking a small amount every morning (not the nicest taste), after a while I started to feel healthier, more energised and my eczema had started to improve. I knew then that this was an outstanding product. Hand on heart to this day from when I started drinking it I haven’t suffered from the typical cold and flu symptoms that seemed to never go away before.

mr joel forever living

A few months later my longing for that balance was so strong that I decided to do my own research about network marketing, how it works, how ethical it was, how structured the business module was the potential earnings and what I found was a very very clever Business structure that I could work part time and with hard work and determination build up a solid, stable future for myself and my family. I was lucky enough to also have World Class Aloe Vera and Bee Hive based products with a 38 year credible record to back it up.

I was so impressed that I decided it was now or never. 5 months on and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have built up a small customer base and have started to share this opportunity with others and I now coach a small team of people that have the same dreams, hopes and desires as I have. This simply is the greatest gift that I could possibly introduce to somebody. Forever has literally changed my life and I cannot wait for what the future has instore.

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