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My name is Lucy Rayner. I currently run my own Health and Wellness Business in Network Marketing under the umbrella of Forever Living.

My background is in the Hairdressing Industry. I trained and worked as a Stylist at the top renowned Hair Salon, Jo Hansford in Mayfair for the best part of 10 years. I absolutely loved my job but whilst on maternity leave with my second child my partner was involved in a serious road traffic accident which resulted in me deciding to take some time out of work and not return to the salon once my maternity leave had ended, this enabled me to focus on getting our family back to optimum health. During this time, although a struggle, I was able to keep the passion alive and work my Hairdressing where and when I could around those commitments.

Over time my partner regained full health and decided that he would be the one to ‘bring home the bacon’ as it were. I was fortunate enough to be able to stay home with the children. After a short while I quickly realised that my path for life was to do so much more but as with a lot of families in this current climate, returning to work with the current childcare costs, for me, would have been financially impossible. I would have literally been working to pay for somebody else to raise my own children. I needed to find a career with that balance that I was longing for. I needed that independence, that confidence, to be able to contribute financially to the household and to not feel that guilt of not being able to give my family my all. I owed it to them. I owed it to myself. Time was precious and I was focused on finding that perfect path so I set out to reach it.

"This simply is the greatest gift that I could possibly introduce to somebody."
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