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Dr. Barbara Sturm

Apart from the wide products offered, you can also opt to undergo treatment at their clinic for facelifts without surgery. With the help of hyaluronic acid, experienced practitioners help restore and rejuvenate your natural glowing complexion without the need for surgery. The best part about it is that protein from your body is used to renew and regenerate your skin. If you are worried about the wrinkle line on your face, Dr.Barbara Sturm also offers treatment with hyaluronic acid or botox to give your skin a clearer and smoother texture.

Dr.Barbara Sturm has found the perfect way to restore the youth of your skin and make your skin glow with fresher, younger and smoother looking skin. Choose from a range of facelift options to find the one that best suits your skin and get ready to turn back time to give your skin the glow that you deserve with Dr.Barbara Sturm!

Dr. Barbara Sturm is launching a skincare line for Darker Skin Tones in joint venture with actress and director Angela Bassett. The line will be available at Harrods, London from July 2016.

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