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Drake Abshire is a model, actor, influencer and personal trainer. He spends 20 hours of his day dedicated to his work and fitness lifestyle, and here at MR JOEL envy his dedication and time management towards his passions. He somehow manages to balance everything out, and it is pretty clear to see that he is a man of many talents. Everyone's dream is to have a job they love, and Drake is one of the few fortunate ones who indeed loves what he does. So what more is there to this multitalented professional that he hasn't revealed yet? Let's find out. 



Tell us a bit about you and your background.

I was born and raised in Abbeville, LA.  I grew up in a family of five. I had two sisters and I was the middle child. We lived in the country on about 6 acres of land with lots of dogs, horses and a donkey. Always loved swimming and spending time riding four wheelers and dirt bikes with my sisters and friends. 


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